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Why Would God Make us HIS Temple?

Why would God make us His temple? I remember a time when Eli got himself almost stuck in one of those kid's jungle gym creations. I had to suck it in, wiggle, crawl, and climb up to help him out. It is a good thing that this happened AFTER I started taking better care of my body, or there is no way I would have been able to reach him. God chose for his temple to be in our bodies because the temple of the Lord does not stay still. The dwelling place of the Holy Spirit is not a place that others can seek, but His people who go out and seek those who are lost. We are his temple, so that more may find Him. We offer our bodies, that the temple may be functional, practical, useful, and even appealing. We can use our body, His temple, to take Him to others. To nurture them, to show them who He is and who He is in us. God made us his Temple so that His temple could do as He did. Leave the 99 to go. Go after the one. The one who is hard to get to, deep in the much of the world. We keep our temple fit to be able to navigate the tough terrain where God's precious ones have gotten themselves stuck.


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