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Tattle to Daddy

I have always struggled with the concept of tattling. When I was a teacher, I would try to teach my young students when it was appropriate to come tell me that someone was doing something they shouldn’t. I would ask, “have you tried to ask them to stop? Is what they are doing hurting you?” so that they could decide if they were telling me something where I needed to intervene or wanted me to come handle something they needed to learn to handle on their own. Parents of multiple kids deal with this day in and day out. “Mom! She is looking at me again!” To us the adult, these grievances are not a big deal, but to the child it is a great disaster.

As I sit here in a very difficult season, I have many things coming up against me. Maybe I should be able to handle them on my own, but I can’t find the right words. I need Daddy to come tell me it is okay and fight my battle for me because I am too tired to fight for myself anymore. To someone else, the struggles on my plate may seem like not a big deal, I should pull my big girl panties on and deal with it, but to me in the middle of it all it all feels like a domino effect of overwhelming disasters. I can’t get out from under the rubble without causing another avalanche.

Looking up scriptures this morning, I realized that God is a much better teacher and parent than we are. Yes, there are struggles we need to learn to navigate so we can grow and mature, but He wants to hear from us all along the way. We can tattle to Daddy no matter what is going on in our lives. We can tell him and point fingers and cry, and instead of scolding us, He will give us comfort and peace. He will either guide us through the storm, or fight the battle for us, but He will never scold us or turn His back on us for coming to Him broken.

He encourages us to cast ALL of our worries on Him, not just the ones that others would agree are too big for us to bear on our own. He wants the small things and the big things laid at His feet so that we can be free from stress and worry of all sizes. So don’t sweat the small stuff, lay it down. Don’t carry the big burdens, lay those down too. Give Him ALL of your worries. Sit at Daddy’s feet, throw a hissy fit, cry, point fingers, sniffle, and then let Him draw you up in His lap once you get it all out of your system and comfort you, His child.


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