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Soak in the Wait




stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens

Waiting is hard, when things aren’t going smoothly, or when things seem at a standstill- it can be miserable, it can be uncomfortable, and it can even be painful to sit during the wait. BUT it can also be POWERFUL if we are willing.

The word wait is mentioned 101 times in the Bible (KJV) I’ve always been taught that if it’s repeated, it’s important. I’d say it’s pretty important. Some words synonymous with the word wait are:

Silent. Rest.

Quieted. Peace.

Withstand. Continue.


Sometimes it’s not what we want to do- Wait. Sometimes, a lot of the time really, we’d rather do the quick action and maybe try to toss the pots and pans in the dishwasher only to find when they come out they aren’t completely clean.

So back to square one, so we will soak them in some hot water to scrub later, but then we get busy and drain the sink and there the pots and pans still sit -Just me or does anyone else do this to?

We do that a lot with our lives, and our relationship with Christ. I want to fix it but let me try it this way first, it’ll be faster and I don’t really have to put in the time, eh- but it doesn’t work.

Ok ok, I’ll sit in the hot water, but then something else gets my attention and time and I walk away before any real work gets done.

But now it’s time, SOAK IN THE WAIT, get comfortable being uncomfortable in the hot water- the wait is doing hard work, it’s releasing things we’ve clung to other than Jesus, and sometimes that means we need to throw some elbow grease behind a Brillo pad and really scrub-because dang it we’ve really baked some stuff on there!

Now it’s over, it’s time to rinse off the old, dry off, and be ready to be used for His glory. We can feed others.

What have you come to scrub off time and time again, but have walked away before any real work gets done? It’s not as bad as we build it up to be. Soak in the Wait, do the work, and be made new.



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