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Lax in the Lull

Don’t get lax in the lull

Don’t compromise in the comfort

Joshua 23

We talk a lot about clinging to God in the trials and in the suffering. We encourage and endure, clinging to Him in the storm, but what happens during the calm after the storm?

Joshua is nearing the end of his time on earth, and he gathers together the leaders of Israel. They are in a time of rest from fighting, a gift from God after years of hard battle with Him by their side. Now, in the calm after the chaos, Joshua reminds them not to forget the fight.

The dust has settled, the battle is won, and Joshua urges the leaders to be careful now more than ever.

Be careful to continue to follow everything God told Moses to write in the book of the Law. Continue to cling tightly to the Lord who gave them the victory. Do not compromise now that the threat appears to be over. The threat has just begun.

When we are relaxed, not stressed, feeling pretty confident in ourselves and our place in life, it is easier to let things start to slip. We loosen our grip on our faith when we aren’t feeling the immediate need to cry out to God in battle. When the battle is won and the victory is ours, we can get a little too cocky. Can I say that? We start to forget who it was that won the battle for us in the first place; not by our strength but His.

Compromises to our devotion become a snare that can snag your victory. Deep in our hearts, we know that every promise of the Lord has come true. He has never failed us, but we can choose to loosen our grip on His truths and start to slip. Remember what the Lord has done, stand on the victory He has given you, and rejoice for the promises to come. This battle may be over, but another is around the bend.

Do not let the lull allow you to become lax in your faith.


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