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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

We live in a very self-focused time. It is not uncommon to hear a well meaning person say, "it doesn't matter what others think of you." To a degree, that may be true, but no matter what, eyes are on you. The hundred or thousands of "friends" on your social media, co workers, friends, family, and the little eyes that call you "Mommy" are all learning, growing, and forming an opinion of you with every interaction. That is a great responsibility, especially when all of those individuals know you are a child of God. The eyes sharpen and frequently look for fault. It is important to remember that the only opinion that truly counts is the opinion of the One who created you and knows you from the inside out. That does not negate the responsibility that comes with being a mentor to someone else, possibly young or struggling in the faith. Their opinion of you won't save you, but it could be a catalyst in showing them how God can save them. Every day, every step, and every stumble, we are a representative of the only one who can save.

Are your actions and decisions reflecting that truth? Does the reason for the hope that you have draw others closer to God? Who are you inspiring today, like it or not, and are you glad they could be taking a page from your notebook?


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