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Guaffle Taco

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Here was the dilemma...

I wanted a chaffle but we were out of dairy free cheese.

So I made this, and then had the dilemma of WHAT DO YOU CALL A CHEESELESS CHAFFLE?!

Thank you Facebook, Leslie named this one.

I present:

The Guaffle

Preheat waffle maker (I have a Dash mini and LOVE IT)

Stir up

1/2 cup egg substitute or 2 large eggs

1 TB almond flour

1 TB guacamole

1 TB salsa

Pour 1/4 cup mix in waffle maker, cook til the steam stops.

Remove and place over a cooling rack (or I use the racks of my oven) to form into taco shell shape.

Allow to cool while next guaffle is cooking.

Makes 4 guaffle taco shells.

For breakfast, I like these with a piece of center cut bacon inside! Or you can use in place of taco shells for your next Taco Tuesday!


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