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Comfort Zone

Comfort zone

(by: Beth Wade)

Our comfort zone is always our safe place. It is the place we feel at peace, in control, and happy.

Trusting in God can move us out of our comfort zone. It maybe a physical thing; Public speaking, leading a group, starting a new job, doing a workout, but it's not just a physical space. I see our comfort zones as a spiritual place, too.

Stepping back and watching Him. Being at rest while He does the work and shows off. My devotion I read this morning says He is full of surprises. Unless we let go and give it all to Him he can't show us those surprises. He can't guide us down the right path if we aren't giving him the wheel.

In Luke 11:28 Jesus said, " Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it."

If we don't sit still and rest how are we going to hear his word?

We want to control our joy and peace. We can have no greater joy and peace than what our Good Father gives. He may give us that joy and peace just outside of our comfort zone. We have to have total faith in Him. We have to remember His promises and love and step out in it.


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