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As Long As You're Moving, You're IMPROVING!

Faithful Fitness began in 2012 as a way to reach others and appreciate our bodies as the temple that they are! We do not put ourselves down, but are grateful for the body God gave us. We work out and eat right as a sign of worship for the one who created us, not a punishment.  All weekly drop in classes are 100% donation based and can be found on our calendar.

Click the icon at the bottom right of the page to submit your prayer needs and praises to our team! Let us lift you up. It is the greatest service we can provide, and our  honor to do so.

Monthly Mission

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Krisi Crabb - Instructor & Founder/President

Krisi lives in Sullivan, IN with her husband (Joey) and son (Eli). After


founding Faithful Fitness in 2012, she began the journey to true


health and wholeness. Krisi instructs a variety of class styles in


Sullivan County, speaks at events, leads small groups, and


manages the Faithful Fitness social media and websites while sitting


on the Board of Directors as President. She received her


certification through Revelation Wellness in 2019 and continues to


learn more about how God wants to use her and this ministry. 



Wake up and Workout.




Lets get a little undignified for Jesus! Incorporating dance, calisthenics, and light hand weights, this workout is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of fun and freedom to move in any way you can. As long as you are moving, you are improving!


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